Delegated Workout Program

Servicer Delegated Workout Program

Under this program, Enact authorizes servicers to decision most workouts for Enact-insured loans that they service. This delegation is in addition to existing delegated programs listed below as Approved Investor/Industry Delegated Programs. Program details are available in Enact’s Servicer Delegated Workout Program Parameters document.


This delegation is subject to the following requirements:
  • Standard workout packages and documentation are required for all borrowers liable for the mortgage.
  • Borrower must be experiencing a legitimate “hardship”.
  • Monthly workout reporting is required as specified by Enact.
  • Servicer must meet investor guidelines for all workout approvals.
  • All other guidelines as outlined in Enact’s master policy, applicable Lender Servicing Guide and the applicable Default Management Servicing and Reporting Guide.
  • Periodic reviews will be conducted to determine workout program compliance.


  • Flex Modification
  • Standard Modification
  • Streamlined Modification
  • Principal Reduction Modification
  • Extend Modification
  • Short Sale Program
  • Deed-in-lieu Program

Note: For Servicer/Investor Delegated Programs that fall outside the Enact Delegated Program, submit the written program guidelines via email to for delegation consideration.

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